Solar Heating & Cooling

EarthNet Energy’s ACDC12 solar heating and cooling mini-split heat pump can be used in your home to give you the versatility of controlling your room temperature throughout your living areas, room-to-room or floor-to-floor. You have complete control with a touch of a button on your remote control. Sunrooms, lofts, garages, sub-grade rooms are no exception to the use of the mini-split heat pump system. Just add a unit and have a true ultra-high efficient heated or cooled area. Many other uses can be applicable such as computer rooms, office spaces, restaurants, duct-challenged buildings such as stone farm houses or thick-walled brick structures. Multi-family living like apartments, condominiums, and townhouses are a perfect application for efficient sustainability to reduce monthly utility bills and increase profitability. There are special mounting options to accommodate your desire for an exterior aesthetic appearance as well as colors for your interior décor.